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What to write about?

Well I've finally created an author website! I'm pretty excited about it but also nervous. I've always been pretty private and only recently added my real name to my social media accounts. Also, it took me a while to make a website, mostly because I don't have a book yet, so I thought I didn't need one. But after polling the always super scientific Twittersphere, I learned that it couldn't hurt. So ta da. I did it. Then I thought, I'll have a blog on this here website, but my next question was, what to write about?

I'm not totally new to blogging and have spent a fair amount of time in the trenches of Wordpress. I had a travel blog for a few years, but I stopped doing it because I wasn't really traveling enough to merit maintaining a blog. Plus there were lots of serious travelers, travel bloggers, and digital nomads who could create much more and better content than I was. I mean, I was also doing it for fun, but when I realized I wasn't posting much, I decided to stop.

So here I am confronted with another blog. On my author website. Are people still reading blogs anyway? I don't even know. I guess I should blog about writing. Okay, yes, I will. Just decided right this second. I'm not exactly sure of what shape the blog will take or how often I'll post. It might wind up being like a rambling journal for me (as this one is shaping up to be!).

I've been teaching writing for about twenty years, have written and published scholarly writing for much of that time, and have spent the last five or so years pretty seriously working on creative writing. So I suppose I have a few things to say on the topic of writing and this blog is as good a place as any. I'll probably write about the process, about craft, maybe about teaching writing, or what I'm working on at the moment. Or vent. We'll see. I'm just getting started. Baby steps and all.

If you've gotten this far and would like to receive little notes about writing--mostly notes of encouragement, which we all need, or writing tips--head on over to the Contact page and enter your email address. I'll send you a little something each month. Again I'm not sure what yet but it'll be about writing.


The Most Vague Blogger in Blogworld.

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